About Basic knowledge about #TwtUpKCH

What is #TwtUpKCH?
#TwtUpKch is the Kuching version of OctTwtFest. The idea of a #TwtUpKch is to meet new people and make new friends regardless of their social background, while at the same time providing them opportunities to interact, socialize and bond in an informal way. The gathering is organized by Sarawak Bloggers and it is casual, free and easy with no emphasis on one’s stature or post, somewhat like in Twitter where everyone is equal. Apart from that, #TwtUpKch is also a platform to promote the positive use of social media among twitter users, while being a platform to unearth local talents in singing and performing.

For 2012, it was decided that #TwtUpKCH should not only involve Twitter users, but all social media users. With that said, those on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare are also invited to join in the fun!

What Is A Tweet-Up(pronounced as tweet-up)?
A tweet-up or twtup (in short) is an organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter. (A meet up of people that ‘tweet’ using Twitter.) – Urban Dictionary.